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Consumers vote. Sales increase

Sales increase by an average of 15% with the use of the 'Product of the Year' logo

Why should I enter?

Winning Product of the Year is not just prestigious, it's also profitable! Product of the Year champions consumers rights to get the best new innovations AND consumers reward winning brands with share growth! By entering you are demonstrating to consumers your belief that your product REALLY is the best offering in its category.
Retail buyers respect Product of the Year: We present to all major retailers making it easier for winners to increase shelf share & get listings in previous white spaces

Product of the Year champions the rights of consumers to get the best new products available in the market. For over 25 years on every major continent on the planet, we have worked to achieve this goal.

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How do I enter?

You will need to enter a paragraph of no more than 75 words describing your product and its innovative features. Feel free to contact us for sample descriptions from past winners. Authorisation. Please make sure you have authorization to enter on behalf of the brand.

Please feel free to contact us at +27 11 051 3001/2/3 or info@productoftheyear.co.za if you have any questions about the entry form.

"By giving shoppers the confidence to try a product for the first time, the Product of the Year stamp makes their life easier and helps both brands and retailers"
Colin Watts,
Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens

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Consumers Vote. Sales Increase

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