Preetesh Sewraj on his work in innovation analysis

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As any of our regular viewers would know that every Saturday morning at this time on the show, we showcase a young person who has made a mark on the creative industries with their contribution to their craft. Usually, these include young film-makers, fine artists, authors, choreographers and so forth. Today though, we have made an exception to the rule. Today's young creative is not an artist. He doesn't even come close to the breed of young people we normally host in this slot, but make no mistake - his impact is no less important, striking or valuable. The UKZN Social Sciences Graduate who strengthened his knowledge of his field with other qualifications in marketing, communications and management is what we have come to recognise as the South African consumer's best friend. Preetesh Sewraj, is the CEO and Chief Innovation Analyst of Product of the Year. I should also add that he is the reason why the product and brand grading award is in South Africa to begin with. He is here to tell us more about his work.

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